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but not returning it to its original teeth in Vietnam

but not returning it to its original teeth in Vietnam,by carefully selecting the toothbrush and toothpaste. For brushing, choose a brush with a soft round feather to reduce the risk of tattoos, wear of dental cement and dentin. Use warm water to brush your teeth to prevent toothache. For toothpastes, the most common types are fluoride, fluoride, which has a harder enamel effect, in the drug with crystalline particles will stick to the openings of the dentin hole open to reduce tooth sensitivity. Teethers can use 5% potassium nitrate toothpaste, which is absorbed into the ivory tubes and depolarizes the tooth, reducing the sensitivity of the teeth. You can also use mouthwash and have a good diet. Depleted people should use chlorhexidine mouthwash (0.12%), sodium fluoride (0.2%), potassium nitrate (3%) to reduce sensitivity and reduce abrasion. Limit consumption of fruits such as lemon juice, oranges, fizzy soft drinks, yogurt as it increases tooth sensitivity.

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In TTR dental procedures follow, there are consultants whitening age appropriate age, needs, local adaptation of each TTR. To whiten teeth first, clean the teeth, clean the tartar, clean, then dry the bleaching process using a variety of methods such as bleaching in the dentist’s dental chair and chute. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Bleaching agents have many types, mainly H2O2. Depending on the type of bleach, the dentifrice concentration in the dental chair is about 30-32% H2O2, while home bleach varies from 10-20% H2O2.

Institute of Chemistry (under the Academy of Science and Technology of Vietnam) analyzed, in medicine, H2O2 also known as old oxygen has the effect of disinfecting, cleaning the wound, Garlic … However, must be followed by certain doses, the doctor’s appointment. In addition, H2O2 is a chemical compound, a strong oxidizer used in many industries such as bleaching paper, pulp processing … vietnam dentist prices

For indications of bleaching, can be used in foods with very low content, should be included in the TTR. Concentrated H2O2 can cause tissue damage, skin irritation, mucosal, palatine, peeling, peeling skin such as using javen water bleach articles, clothes. When used repeatedly, for a long time the solution of H2O2 as a mouth rinse or rinse mouth, can cause tongue hypertrophy.

TTR products advertised in the market are hand-made, not tightly controlled quality, origin of chemicals, dosage components, easy to cause mouth sores, long-term tumor life-threatening nodes. Beauty today uses a variety of chemicals, which affect health not in the eyes in the long run. Health is always top priority, do not be beautiful without knowledge. nha khoa ident

Not all enamel can bleach, and every age is TTR. The older the tooth color, the more the ivory becomes yellow and can not bleach. Should go to the dentist to be consulted properly on dental aesthetics. Beauty products must comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Health. People go to the wrong place in the right place, sometimes dangerous to life. nha khoa trồng răng implant

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