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ophthalmologist if the problem teeth in Vietnam

ophthalmologist if the problem teeth in Vietnam,teeth after the pain. Do not take painkillers or pain relievers without your doctor’s consent. If not properly treated porcelain tooth pain will cause unpredictable complications. The best way to reduce dental porcelain crowding is to visit reputable, experienced physicians to review the condition of your teeth, to find out what causes pain to take corrective measures timely. If the tooth is damaged due to not clean the pulp, then the removal of porcelain teeth has been restored and the pulp, to ensure the pulp is clean, no signs of tooth sensitivity after restoration. At this time, the patient needs to perform surgery for sinus surgery, bone grafting to meet the requirement to hold firmly for implant cylinders.  Therefore, this will not only cost you more but also lengthen the treatment time.

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Extraction of decay tooth and place dental implant

After tooth extraction, implants should be implanted immediately to preserve the remaining bone and reduce bone loss after extraction. Dental Implant is a method of growing permanent dentures by using a tooth that is made up of an implant pier, replacing the position of the tooth that has been removed and covering the teeth. vietnam dentist prices

Dental implant implants are made according to European standards, expertly tested and licensed according to the standards of the Ministry of Health. For successful dental implant transplantation, you should visit reputable dental clinics, experienced and well-trained dentists, and your implant dentistry may last for a long time or may exist throughout your life.

There are four times to implant after tooth extraction: Implant immediately Immediate tooth extraction; implants 1 to 2 months after tooth extraction; implant 3 to 4 months after tooth extraction; implant 6 months after extraction. Each time has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the clinical situation that selects the right time. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Implant immediately after the tooth extraction has the advantage of shortening the treatment time, not to gingivitis should be less painful. But no gingivitis is seen as a double-edged sword because the implant is not observed. Implant implants in “blindness”, which leads to implantation in the wrong direction and wrong position.

As a consequence, the gums fall out, the implant is exposed; Implantation after 2 months of extraction of teeth has the advantage: the extracted teeth are healed so it is easier to seal the wound in the case of need to bone. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Therefore, most cases are performed at this time because of safety, aesthetic results are stable, less gingivitis than the first time. In case of widespread infection of the teeth causing large bones or teeth, the remaining bone is thin, wait 3 to 4 months for the formation of a part of the bone in the tooth, then implants.

If for economic reasons not available money can also be after 6-12 months. In case of uncle if he needs to do implants should choose an experienced doctor to be consulted choose the most suitable implant. This implant or other implant does not play a decisive role in the overall therapeutic or long-term outcome as implant treatment results depend on many factors, only experienced implant specialists have a look at the whole. cấy răng implant

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