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the time she was sick, he teeth in Vietnam?

the time she was sick, he teeth in Vietnam?, the teeth in the orthodontic small teeth 4, but it may also be different depending on the case or wisdom teeth to pull the minivis combined. However, do not worry too much with the current method of braces, tooth extraction is the most limited for patients. The best braces experience in this case is to visit the dentist directly to get the correct information. Braces hurt? After attaching braces cannot avoid the discomfort, entangled every time you eat even you feel natural when talking but you do not worry too much after a few weeks you will get used to it and everything is back to normal old. On average, you will have a change in your bowel, replace the elastic band, increase the tension force and the movement of the teeth is very slow so you will not hurt. Especially after attaching braces, your doctor will instruct you to use the brush as well as the wax to fix the area around which you find entangled.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Whitening can harm anything the teeth

Get your teeth to have beautiful teeth like, bright smile, minimize the removal of oral diseases for you.

Get the tartar – the treatment, prevention of gingivitis effectively. At first, the teeth just stick to the crown, the gum line. Try to look at the mirror you will see the layer of yellow or black is hard to see that it is tartar. The longer the teeth accumulate, the thicker and more widespread, spread to the root of the teeth leading to severe gingivitis: swelling, redness, pain, bleeding when brushing or bleeding natural, odor foul, uneasy do you lose confidence … vietnam dentist prices

How to remove tartar?

You cannot get your own tartar, go to American Dental Clinic to get advice, support to get tartar. The dentist will remove the toothache that lasts for a long time.

Every time you see a dentist you are always worried that you will have pain, bleeding, which is of course when taking teeth because your teeth are inflamed so it will bleed and a little numb. Now with the technique of ultrasound, your anxiety will be eliminated: pain, less bleeding, no damage to the tooth surface as usual.

After taking the tartar, the surface of the teeth will be smoothed with polishing powder to prevent the adhesion of food, to help adhesion of gum back to cover the root teeth restore the aesthetics as well as the firmness of the teeth. Taking care of tartar not only prevention, gingivitis treatment that you give your mouth a clean environment, improve white teeth, clean and bad smell significantly reduce the risk of other diseases: inflammation around the teeth, car gums, tooth decay …

Some note in care, oral hygiene: Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Brush your teeth immediately after eating and before going to sleep. When brushing, note the longitudinal brush of the root, help clean the plaque on the interstitial space between the teeth. The horizontal brush will erode the teeth.

– Limit sugar, flour and food to sticky, sticky surface.

– Periodontal examination every 6 months to detect early onset oral diseases and deviations to timely intervention.

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