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walking together, holding teeth in Vietnam

walking together, holding  teeth in Vietnam,about the reasons for teeth and how to overcome, hope to provide more knowledge for you. Wish you have a healthy teeth, beautiful, always confident with your smile. Bleach only works with real teeth, porcelain teeth do not change color. You need to know this and the doctor will also advise you before doing. It may be necessary to re-apply the porcelain teeth if bleached after color difference many. Before bleaching, you need to clean tartar, brush the plaque, restore the worn teeth, treat sensitivity if sensitive teeth. The bleaching results depend on the age, tooth color and appearance of the pigmentation is exotic or endogenous. If you have severe coloring, you may want to use a combination of two main methods: bleaching at the clinic and wearing a gutter at home. Plaque of bacteria is the cause of periodontal disease.

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The root canal meets the chewing force with many forms of hard and flexible food, is the fulcrum for the crown and ensures good chewing and high strength.

Teeth match and correct with true teeth in proportion. Helps to restore the size and the grooves on the crown. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Ability to integrate bones and healing rapidly after artificial tooth root implants because root canals need not undergo invasive or detachable gingiva causing pain.

The total length of treatment is shortened to 3-4 weeks. nha khoa ident

Thus, when the missing teeth, implants implant to maintain the inherent function of the real teeth and limit bone loss. So the 4S implant was born as the savior to prolong the life of the implanted dental implant, full of the most prominent advantages that any prosthetic technique dreamed. To restore the teeth, the ideal solution is to use Implant tooth implants. Therefore, it is best to replant both the crown and the crown. The bridge tooth loss is often not high durability due to the need to grind the teeth of two adjacent teeth, in the long term teeth will weaken.


Everybody’s teeth have the same tooth system. Both teeth and wisdom teeth are large molars in which the forbidden teeth are the place where eating function. Include: 4 prongs and 4 prongs (also called small molars), 6 maxillary teeth and 6 maxillary teeth (also called large molars); Four maxillary incisors and four maxillary incisors; 2 upper canines and 2 lower canines.

In general, wisdom teeth are possible or not and in some cases wisdom teeth should be removed to avoid possible complications. Of the three large molars on one side of the same jaw, the first molars (adjacent to the premolars 2) are 6 years old (6 years old) or teeth. The second jaw is the number 7. The eight jaw teeth are wisdom teeth. In contrast, the forbidden teeth are important molars, chewable and indispensable on the jaw. Mainly on the teeth and wisdom teeth are in the innermost position and do not play much role chewing. vietnam dentist prices

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