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young people know what to teeth in Vietnam

young people know what to teeth in Vietnam,I-DENT Dentistry, different from other dentists. Can the braces be real? What you should know right now Many young people are afraid of deciding whether or not to have braces because of the long period of orthodontic treatment that is affecting their affection. Can braces be kissed? Braces to kiss it Braces are the technique of adjusting, correcting the misalignment on the brace by using the orthodontic tools: braces or minivit braces, interlocking teeth to create traction, stable and durable. In fact, the appearance of orthodontic appliances is easy to recognize not only in terms of aesthetics but also in the feeling of the user and takes time to get used to, adapt can be normal again. Can braces be kissed? According to experts in orthodontic industry, you can kiss while braces, but need the right time and technique, as follows:

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This is a technique popular in European countries, but in Vietnam is not really popular for many reasons. Technological complexity requires that the physician be of a certain level of expertise to assess the condition of the teeth and have a dental plaque pathway as well as proper veneer dental treatment. Not only that, dental technicians must have intensive training and experience to coordinate the implementation of porcelain veneer teeth bring the best results. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Modern technology and limited invasion of real teeth

In the past, to overcome the condition of bad teeth, color antibiotic cannot bleach, teeth gap slightly deviated teeth, broken teeth … you have to carry dental porcelain in traditional methods. It is a must to grind the teeth, you have to grind away a layer of teeth that are eligible for ceramic coating outside, there is the risk of stinging and pain, bone marrow … Many people are afraid of the problem teeth. Invasive and affected tooth pulp should not dare to dental to beautify the teeth.

With porcelain veneer solution, the problem of sensitive or encroachment of teeth is no longer occur, because you only have to grind a very thin layer and paste porcelain veneer on the tooth surface to cover the defects of teeth and complete. Improve your teeth with beautiful shapes and colors as you expect. In some cases, the teeth are small and thin, you may not need to grind a thin layer and can be glued to the veneer directly and improve the aesthetics of your teeth.

In general, porcelain veneer requires relatively little grinding (for CAD / CAM systems, porcelain veneer can do with an average thickness of 0.3mm – 0.6mm). Because the teeth are very thin, your teeth and pulp are protected. The level of sensitivity is almost non-existent in veneer porcelain restorations, and cases of veneer are not required to treat pulp like porcelain crowns. vietnam dentist prices

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