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Lately my husband has tooth in Vietnam?

Lately my husband has tooth in Vietnam?  ,there are three common types of jaws: a plastic jaw, a jaw mounted on a metal frame and a jaw mounted on the implant. Three types of jaws are manufactured with different durability. For plastic jaw base The function can be removed easily, but the durability is not high, easy to miss. For metal framed function Apply for cases of missing teeth but still have real teeth to support the denture. The cost is quite cheap but can cause a sense of entanglement. For implant mounting post. This method has the longest lasting effect, helping to ensure normal chewing ability that you can actively promote the price of filling dentures in the form of superiority. Although the cost of doing full dentures with dental implant dentures is quite high, if the full teeth, the cost will “team up” many times more than the removable denture.

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Should make veneer porcelain face when the tooth infection antibiotic color?

In cases where the tooth is tarnished by antibiotics, it cannot be bleached in the normal way and if it is whiten, the effect is not high and cannot be as shiny as the yellowish tooth due to food.

Your dentist recommends using Veneer porcelain veneers to remedy this condition. This is also a solution that many people choose and apply successfully. vietnam dentist prices

Porcelain veneer is good?

The reasons given below will help you to answer the wondering whether to make veneer porcelain veneers to overcome the infection:

The highest aesthetic Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Natural white, shiny, with good contrast, bring the most natural beauty to the jaw mold that is completely colorless again is the advantage of the ceramic surface.

Porcelain veneers can also be made in the colors you want to match, in harmony with your skin and jaw. Mainly because of this property that the porcelain facade will be the number 1 choice to improve the color of your teeth.

minimize the invasion of real teeth nha khoa ident

In essence, this method will attach the porcelain surface to the surface of the real teeth outside without covering the entire crown as porcelain crowns. It is because of this that the real teeth are not grinded too much but only grind a thin layer, so less invasive to the real teeth and not cause later.

To make a comfortable atmosphere nha khoa trồng răng implant

Porcelain is a very thin layer of porcelain, only about 0.3mm or 0.5-0.6mm, so when attached to the real teeth do not cause stiffness when eating chewing, bringing true feeling like real teeth. This is an important factor to decide whether to make Veneer porcelain or not?

Nano Shining 5S ceramic coating technology will help maximize the advantages of porcelain veneer. With a fully porcelain dental system design on a CAD / CAM computer with a precision bite position camera, the technology guarantees 100% accurate surface coverage for each groove.

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